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Хотели и ресторанти | Ирландия

• Location: Sligo, Ireland; Northwest part of Ireland, approximately 5 miles outside the nearest town,
Sligo, which has a population of approx. 25,000 people.
• Type of Venue: casual fnd-dining restaurant with nice bar/lounge; family owned with a passion for
serving fresh locally sourced food, pride themselves on ofering a warm welcome, award winning
food, in a beautifully decorated modern restaurant. Professional friendly service with both quality
and afordability has deservedly earned Davis’s the reputation as Sligo’s most popular restaurant
both for locals and tourists alike.
• Vacancies: Chef de Partie

• Salary Range: depends on experience; avg CDP salary in Ireland - €23,000 - 25,000
• Benefts - standard benefts per Irish labour law
• Accommodation: They would be able to provide help in fnding accom and hopefully within next
month or so we should have accomm to rent in the next village. Public transport available not most
reliable, car is best option.
• Travel expense: NA, paid by candidate
• Meal allowance (free daily meal, discounts): Yes
• Work days / hours per week - Standard 40-50 hours, weekends
• How urgent is the vacancy - Immediate
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